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      Zhonghe Textile Co., Ltd has formed its own characteristics and mainly professionalized in manufacturing top and middle class yarn-dyed woven fabrics, yarn counts from 10s to 100s single yarns and 20s/2 to 200s/2 double yarns, which cover not only100% cotton but also cotton blended fibers, cotton interweave with other material products such as cotton/linen, cotton/hemp ,cotton/Tencel, cotton/rayon, cotton/bamboo, cotton/polyester, cotton/wool, cotton/cashmere, cotton/silk and such multi-component fabrics.
      Fabric such as Poplin, Oxford, Twill, Satin, Basket Weave and various Dobby patterns are our familiar products, they can be silky finishing, extra soft finishing, natural hand feel finishing, dry hand feel finishing, Italian similar hand feel finishing etc., mainly, we can duplicate the hand feel according to customer’s requirement.
      Moisture Management, Moisture Absorbent & Perspiration Treatment, Coolmax, Quick Dry, UV Resistant, Anti-Bacterial, Water and Oil Repellency, Eco Stain Repellency, Wrinkle Resistant, Moist Cure, Durable Calender finishing and so on, all are from our FUNCTIONAL finishing family.
      Zhonghe’s yarn dyed fabrics are characterized by their own soft, smooth, thick and body hand feel. Fabric colors are bright and texture is clear even after repeated home launderings, staying with long-lasting freshnes.
      Zhonghe has been acquired high capability of products innovation, our R&D; team has been tightly cooperating with all other departments, especially with marketing teams to provide development and services for our customers and bring forth the new, rapidly reaction to market’s tendency and customers’ needs.

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